Col Polystyrene

Swartland is proud to announce the addition of Polystyrene Cornices to the ever-expanding Col brand.

This range offers 8 different styles, available immediately and accompanied by the great Swartland service our clients have come to expect. The range will be available in sturdy, practical dispensing boxes. Both the boxes, and the individual units will be bar-coded for ease-of-sale.

Made from CFC-free XPS material, Col Polystyrene Cornices are lightweight, easy to install and easy to paint. Also available to our retail partners, is a modular point-of-sale solution, which is easy to install and will benefit your store, regardless of the size.

        Stock codes box Barcode box Stock code EA Barcode EA
TE132X132X2.0COR01/BOX 16003450079887 TE132X132X2.0COR01 6003450079880
TE95X95X2.0COR01/BOX 16003450079894 TE95X95X2.0COR01 6003450079897
TE98X98X2.0COR01/BOX 16003450079900 TE98X98X2.0COR01 6003450079903
TE98X98X2.0COR01/BOX 16003450079917 TE98X98X2.0COR01 6003450079910
TE99X99X2.0COR01/BOX 16003450079924 TE99X99X2.0COR01 6003450079927
TE46X44X2.0COR01/BOX 16003450079931 TE46X44X2.0COR01 6003450079934
TE78X78X2.0COR01/BOX 16003450079948 TE78X78X2.0COR01 6003450079941
TE49X49X2.0COR01/BOX 16003450079955 TE49X49X2.0COR01 6003450079958